Downloadable link B.C. Sutta.mp3

Almost everyone is asking me for my song ‘BC Sutta’. so I’ve uploaded the song for the download

The New download link for BC SUTTA

BC Sutta by Saqib Abdullah (Zeest) is registered US Copyright

246 Responses to Downloadable link B.C. Sutta.mp3

  1. prasad says:

    this one is a superb song
    i m a big fan of this song but i m not geting it

  2. Piyush Jain says:

    Simply Best!!!!!!!!

  3. love u zeest
    u r really great , and hats of to u people, i really got mad when i listened to ur song for the first time and i really love it


  4. juily says:

    its an awesome song

  5. bc lover says:

    this is an amazing song & i really love it

  6. ROHIT RAJ says:

    I want some more songs of this kind.

  7. m tabish says:

    sutta is coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll song

  8. samarth says:

    simply amazing such simplicity and yet …. the best …. i must say that u really know the real meaning of music ….

  9. lazeez says:


  10. pulkit says:


  11. surendra bhardwaj says:

    i love it

  12. surendra bhardwaj says:

    i vnnh nvmn nmvnkn,mxn nmnvkjnkjsnn

  13. shashank says:

    plz send the zeest bc sutta songs om the e_mailid sutta na mila

  14. eeeeeeeeevil alex says:

    sexy fukin song!!!!! ROcK ON!!!!!!

  15. ■■■■ says:

    thanks mate.. that website is awesome. thanks a lot.

  16. ananya says:

    i wanna hear this song . pls. do quikly

  17. ekansh says:

    sexy song evrytime wanna hear….

  18. JAMADAR says:


  19. ANISH says:

    yaar kya gana gaya hai……..sab ko dhoooo dallla…….lyrics..r like….reality
    gr8 work man ….keep it up…
    mail me if another song is released……..

  20. praveen says:

    nice songs in addition with sur and taal

  21. Piyush says:

    hey zeest you are the bets i will say one day i pray u will reach on the top of music industry gooood luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  22. ankit says:

    this is a revolutionary song sung sung by zeest to encourage smokers a free ciggrett for them hip hip hurray

  23. this is a very good song by zeest but anyone can tell from where will i download this
    Dosto main bheta main sutta pe raha…………………
    b.c m.c

  24. sameer says:

    cool sala bhenchod song!!!

  25. hamza says:

    gr8 song simply awesome

  26. rishi says:

    this is a very sexy song. it rocks and so does our band called the ZEEST.

  27. manmeet singh says:

    hi i listen the song it is really very effective sing

  28. chandrashekhar says:

    This is very sexy song.

  29. Karan says:

    Hey the song is rokin and plzz plzz cum n perform in indiya guys.all here r crazy about u guys.SUTTA is very popular among teens collage crowd and even da elders ! ZEEST YOU ROCK !

  30. atif says:

    loved bc’sutta … zeest u rock the whole nation

  31. […] Sutta by Zeest rocked (It still does!) India sometime back! […]

  32. vartika says:

    simply SUTTA ROCKS!!!!!!
    ppl myt not knw jangana mann but dey knw sutta
    v want more!!!!!!
    u guys rock

  33. lalit says:

    undoubtedly super duper hit

  34. lalit says:

    rocking song among iitians

  35. lalit says:

    rocking song among iitians.simply super hit

  36. rahasya says:

    plz send me zeest bc sutta, gmd on my email id. teri teri teri teri

  37. SAMEER says:

    plz send me zeest bc sutta, gmd on my email id. teri teri teri teri

  38. nikunj says:

    mast songs

  39. Ibad says:

    plz send me bc sutta on my email id

  40. vikrant says:

    this is a great creation

  41. vikrant says:

    that is a great song

  42. vikrant says:

    ggahjhjjjjnnj kjijhhg

  43. rene salter says:

    it iz the most amazing songi hav ever heard sooo farr thnxxx 4 doing this zeest totallyy rulezz

  44. rene salter says:

    n plzzzzz send me this song on my email id tat iz i begg uu

  45. akash says:

    well i heard this song n its a dam cool song keep going and one more thing do girls like that song if it is then i want the numbers of those girlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss………

  46. bajwa says:

    awsum maaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!
    great job!!!
    keep it up!

  47. Arooj says:

    haha….nice song…Saqib took a big step indeed…even though i’m sure our parents would not agree with that….and no, i don’t smoke..!!!!

  48. cool song sutta do u have any other songs?

  49. vishal says:

    this is gre8 song!
    me and my all freds love dis song!
    i want 2 download dis song!
    i luv dis song very much!

  50. puneet says:

    hi ,this is puneet realyy a a grate music lover had compose this song @ all those who r listening & all those who wil listen will really enjoy& have a great fun.

  51. Nikunj says:

    Need bc sutta song . pls seend me………….on my id

  52. sanjeev says:

    grt music which we(friend) can sing in chorus.
    i need this song

  53. Sunil says:

    I want this song plz send me if anyone has ittttttt

  54. ritu says:

    nice song

  55. arun says:

    this song is very good. when it playing i am going in a another world…….

  56. sanjeev kumar says:

    this is an amazing song & i really love it

  57. vidit says:

    zeest is one of the best band in india

  58. vidit says:

    sutta rocks



  60. uzma says:

    well song i love it sutta

    if you guy dont mind

    you can tell me more songs about ((((((zeest)))))

  61. Arooj says:

    Uzma: Zeest has not released any other song officially. But you can find out more about Zeest at

  62. manmeet says:

    wants to listen the song

  63. vikas says:

    nic song to be hear in college not in home

  64. kumar says:

    good song to listen

  65. tejas says:

    Lovely Creation

  66. sucker says:

    good song jackaas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(not jack ass)

  67. karthik says:

    song which will re-write the all the songs ever sung !!! keep going zeeest !! sxy gana for sxy people

  68. Gints' says:

    i heard this song only once, i need to downlad this song, from where i can get this song…. Its very famous in Indias BPO industry….

  69. ramesh says:

    amazing song

  70. rahul says:

    best mp3
    she rocks

  71. d says:

    sutta mil gaya

  72. rahul says:

    it is a very nice song

  73. pavan says:

    i heard the song for the first time and i’m so impressed

  74. johan wamiq says:


  75. benica says:

    I hav heard ur song and keep it up i love but how to listen and download

  76. mahendra says:

    keep it up boys……u all have a bright future

  77. Scott Summors says:

    U Guys Rock

  78. Arav says:

    nICE SONg
    I like it

  79. tushar says:

    ma ki aankh kya gana hai!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. tushar says:

    gandu kya gana banaya hai……
    bilkul rapchikkkkk….

  81. don says:

    ntn goood onli

  82. don says:

    gandu kya gana banaya hai……
    bilkul rapchikkkkk

  83. GuruGyani says:

    Dude, Your tune sounds copied from a very popular mainstream english song. Aur tu Sutta Peena Kum Kar warna Lung Cancer se marega.

  84. Saurabh says:

    Awesome Song Dude

  85. philip says:

    u guys simply rock.
    da song is awesome

  86. ashish says:

    great song love it

  87. BhushanM.S.R says:

    Great Song Dudes!
    Are you planning to come up with some similar stuff anytime soon? All the best again! SUTTA Rocks!!! (Smoking is Injurious to Health)

  88. NIkhil says:

    hey i want to download this song to my cell but its coming no playlist how to do it.

  89. rajiv says:

    sutta rocks!!!!!its the best….

  90. rishit says:

    chutiya song no sense

  91. NabEeL... says:

    lol…. what can i say about the song sutta …
    rate goes for it with 1000 points …
    simply awsum song man …
    Skipp … v want u on screen …
    cum on man ….
    keep it upp …
    ur simplyy the rCker ….
    luvv yaa man ….
    meri duain teray sath hein larkayy …. 😉

  92. abhijay says:

    superb song……..
    simply the best!!!!!1

  93. Naqeeb says:

    Hey Shik..naqeeb here nabil bro …yar kuwait mai tumara song har pakistani pasand karta hay .lagay raho Man (Y) 😉

  94. mudassir says:

    hi guys………i have heard dis song very much i like it so much.ihave heard dis song so much frm my friends but no one is giving me dis song pls if anyone could send me dis bc.sutta song in mp3 form i would be thankful for him…….pls send dis song to me pls…..pls…….plss.u could send to me in my hotmail id my id is pls send me dat song in dis id.

  95. sanju says:

    its great song

    ******sutta..sutta na mila
    ******sutta..sutta na mila………….

  96. shashank says:

    never miss listening sutta >

  97. Alok says:

    Hi n thx.

  98. sweet says:

    it z awesome……………….n xcelent

  99. saransh says:

    i liked this song very much.

  100. Sandeep says:

    creativity! keep it up

  101. rahul says:

    best song

  102. saurav chaurasia says:

    u r great zeest .. i liked ur song so much. uummhhh .. keep it on.waiting for ur next song.

  103. Musheer Khalid says:

    Hey Zeest I like this song but I couldn’t download this song when I opened this site I got a massege that this Module isn’t active! plz send me where is avalable this song (BC Sutta) plzzzzzzz. I will thankfull for you.

    Thanx & Regards

  104. kittu says:

    It’s totally new kind of youth’s music

  105. pankaj says:

    U rocks yr..! sexy song..! i love to listen and play it …!

  106. amit says:

    great song. musttttttttt

  107. omer henry says:

    nice song very nice song i must say..for da teenagers ..i heard dat u r livin in ksa..mee to livin ksa ..but whereu live???

  108. sharad says:

    hi i m sharad i love the song a lt too sexy song,plz tell me how to downloa dthese song in mp3 format

  109. richie says:

    nice very nice but these days sutta are availabe in each and every place

  110. rahul says:

    plz send me sutta song.i have tried very hard but i m not been able to get send me as soon as possible.i m waiting……………………

  111. Arooj says:

    Rahul…Please read the blog carefully…It has the link…
    khair…here u go

  112. sharad says:

    Zeest is an fantastic band and i think it is quite aligible to make more songs like sutta,xl di kudiya,etc

  113. ritika says:

    heya ppl its an awesum song n diff 4m others…wel im lvin it 🙂

  114. himanshu says:

    i love sutta

  115. smartboy says:


  116. ullu says:

    its sucks

  117. sssss says:

    mast gaana hai bole tho ekdam fresh

  118. RAMACHANDRAN says:

    please send me the album “sutta na milla” & oblige.

  119. [audio src="" /]

  120. baba says:

    this is a nice song

  121. tarun says:

    nice one any on e have

  122. satyankar says:

    i became mad of this song when i listened it for the first’s rockin’ man

  123. saveek says:

    hi zubeens i had beat a boy today severly since he was telling that your songs are not right but we all love it very much

  124. abhinav says:

    i have still not heard this song i want to download this song……..

  125. Pramod says:

    better late than never. A very sexy and batchelorhood song. love this song.

  126. tofik says:

    hi brother plz send me sutta na mila song in MP3 format

  127. shahzeb malik says:

    how 2 download this song

  128. apurva says:


  129. Ali says:

    Hey u guys R RoCXxxx 🙂

  130. Sumeet says:

    Really you guys rock

  131. Subodh says:

    This is the best song
    compile more

  132. sridhar says:

    hey guys n guls if u dont mind can any 1 send all the songs of zeest album 2 my gmail id…
    id follows as plz yaar do this favour yaar.. i will b very thank full 2 u all….

  133. fawad khan says:

    i like this song and its erengic ful

  134. amit says:

    chak ditte fatte tussi:::::::::::::::::::::burrraaah

  135. nupoor says:

    hey!! this song is awsum i hav listened in ma frens hom…by mistake v lost tht song…so shall i get sutta album..plzz send as soon as possible…coz i m freak of tht song..u guys rock!!!..

  136. Raj says:

    ZEEST u rock..
    and The Song is beautifulllllllllllllllllll…!

  137. prem says:

    mast song hai i love it

  138. amit says:

    i want to download this song

  139. I.Moses Jamir says:

    B.C Sutta …………….Mind Blowing Song…….The best song ever compose that I’ve ever heard. Keep It Up!!!!!!!!

  140. akshit says:

    zeest u r da best

  141. zack khan says:

    hay, all you ZEEST members/fans and especially SKIP (saqib) am a columnist for a daily newspaper from PAKISTAN ‘THE NATION’ and a sub-editor of a TEENS magazine called TEENZCLUB. FIRSTLY like your band’s cerebral name your work is INUNDATED IN LIFE…i would also like to confess that ur BC. SUTTA song ROCKED OUR COLEEGE even after a YEAR TIME of it’s release… i personally did’nt have any info about ZEEST and all…accidently through WIKIPEDIA found your blogsite and VOAALA!! got simply soaked in info/admiration link ….i am interested in conducing an INTERVIEW with you for TEENZCLUB…..can you KINDLY let me know how? and let me know your (SKIP’S) contact no. just email me on my email adress i.e.

    P.S: I’ll be looking forward to hear or rathar READ from YOU GUYS!

  142. abhi says:

    plz pass me dis bc sutta

  143. Jay says:

    kya gana hai ….. mindblowing i wish main bhi ik aisa hi gana banau i promiss ik din main bhi aisa hi gana banakar tera compititer banoonga dekhna ik din jay ka naam bhi aise gane k liye mashoor hoga .

  144. atiya says:

    Great song!!!

  145. amarnath says:

    bc zeest. cool song dude. i want more.

  146. Hemu says:

    Its really heartouchin….i used to get goosebumps after hearing it…its really close to ma heart coz its the bitter reality…bt dere is a rumour tking round tht the band belongs to IITians.

  147. Sp10 says:

    [audio src="" /]

  148. nagma says:

    it is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good song

  149. Shaishav says:

    I want all the songs of zeest please me the link or songs.i have b.c sutta and gand me danda de

  150. Dani says:

    bakwaas song … chal bhenchod by Ali Hamza was much better … bad effort to follow him … sorry to disagree with ALLL

  151. aky says:

    hey …. do replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pleaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  152. aky says:

    u guyzzzzzzz rokkk.
    really wanna c u all playng live…..
    guyz plz com at AMITY somtime naaaaaaaaaa
    its a request plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    dis feb plz plz plz

  153. aky says:



  154. Yatin says:

    hey dude i want more songz of zeest !!

  155. manjit says:

    thank you for this amazing song…………..

  156. danee says:

    yo dude ez a kooool track watin fo new fk tracks ov urz

  157. RajBir says:

    Bless u man…

  158. ali says:

    man its great my real story bc suuta mc sutta

  159. swati says:

    this song is rocking man

    it changes the mood

    & brings overall freshnes in mind

    enjoyyyyyyyyyyy ittttttttttttttttttt

  160. ANKUR says:

    A superb song..An ever green song..Even better than most of d hit bollywood songs…
    Waiting 4 some more…..

  161. hriday says:

    what a song man gr8888888888888888 yar.actually iwant mp3 n video so pls send me on .

  162. Ala Ali says:

    My god Such a BC simply great

  163. rocking---vicky***** says:

    rocking yaaaaaar……
    dil jeet liya yaaar tune…..

  164. sagar says:

    ek dam bhenchod song hai fabulous music and ulti lyrics

  165. surbhit says:

    Ek dam mast greatest song hai . Jo sab ki neeind uda de

  166. item hungry says:

    ven r u releasing nu songs waiting for u

  167. adi says:

    hia zeest want a new song fr your album just contact me

    u will not be disappointed
    with the song

  168. adi says:

    wana download suta click here
    [audio src="" /]

  169. Dheeraj JHAMB says:

    i wanna download this song but how ? plz help me i love dis song but not yet now in ma lappi

  170. pratik says:

    Boy:Girl tum kitane ho
    boy:maa baap ko aur koi kam nahi tha kya
    girl:tum kitane ho
    girl:maa baap main dum nahi tha kya

  171. nik says:

    can u plz tell me link or upload the song.. bhenchod saala.. mori ankhiyon ke taare bole.. by ali hamza..

    will be very grateful..

    shukriya 🙂

  172. Shams says:

    u all just sck bt dt song rockz . U suck cuz de song can’t be downloaded

  173. harsh says:

    bhn chodo make sm nw nw

  174. abhinav says:

    hi freinds i get the song its very good

  175. ZAIDi says:

    So Fuckin song i just love it baby

  176. vijay says:

    thx a lot for sharing the song

  177. hunk says:


  178. Anil says:

    Can you please send me the link of original “Ghanta” song of Band of Boys which is banned. Not the Second version which is available.

  179. rais says:

    gr8 song i loved it but i am not getting it can u guys please tell me the website to download it

  180. asher says:

    bhanchot very good song

  181. saajan says:

    sunke sub taintion gaya

  182. Dino Rules says:

    Awsum songs guys……. this is one of my fav song…

  183. ayush says:

    it is gud song

  184. Zohaib says:

    u ppl rock……… n do i nid 2 men10 dat u r my role modles

  185. Mani says:

    Best hai yarrr.. great hai

  186. Aditi says:

    simply SUTTA ROCKS!!!!!!
    ppl myt not knw jangana mann but dey knw sutta
    v want more!!!!!!
    u guys rock

  187. Qasim says:

    this song is soooooooo RoXxx…. I play very well as wel as MA Friends get togethers.. Zeeest RoXxX..:p

  188. randhir says:

    U ROCK

  189. pinky says:

    very bad ganday bachay

  190. sonia says:

    this is my favourite song thanks……….

  191. waseem says:

    Where can i download this song i need it

  192. aryan says:

    zeest u rock.

  193. mohit kumar says:

    an excellent song for all dudes, rocking and kickass

  194. FAIZ says:

    hi nice song guys
    behenchod sutta
    100 ka sutta

  195. FAIZ says:

    hi guys new song is vivalllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    behenchod sutta
    100 ka sutta

  196. AliAsad says:

    send this bc sutta at my e mail id…pls…!!………………………my id ..””

  197. ali says:

    bauhat anth hai keep it up

  198. danish says:

    ilove this song it rocks

  199. tuba says:

    plz send this song on my id

  200. Desi Girls says:

    bauhat anth hai keep it up

  201. NIKHIL says:


  202. chirag says:

    sala downlod hi nahi hota

  203. honey says:

    Bro nice song

  204. Yaser says:

    Thnx for ur link 🙂

  205. diwakar says:

    vry nice song……
    really listenable song at every time….!

  206. This was a informative great writeup by you looking forward to visit more really soon.

  207. rohit says:

    guyzzz u rock………….hats off…….

  208. Nazish says:

    this song really rocks me,its very melodicious

  209. Insanedrummer says:

    You guys are simply EPIC!

    *bows* 😀

  210. khe says:

    i like this song very much

  211. sssad says:

    Good Job!!!!

  212. ZAFAR says:


  213. Guteg preet says:


  214. aarav says:

    hi guy…..
    this is aarav raj. this is mindblowing song. i want it but i have not get it till now.

  215. sristi says:

    mah fav song dhasu h yr

  216. ricky baruah says:

    gys i dnt hv any words for u to express dat how spcl u r all n what dis minblowing things u do wid ur songs plz share me. i m juz speechless n u gys r awesome. m a very big frnd of ur band since 2005 n b c sutta. dan i get ur secnd demo song 100 rupai which is lyk u written all my feelings. i juz wanna say to u all gys plz realse an album wid many songs bt theme will be maintain same n if u dnt mind plz write a song n sing at betryal of a girl in todyz love. so long live zeeeeessssstttt!!

    • Zeest says:

      Dear Ricky,
      Thank you very much for your love & Support, we do have such song as you have requested, but waiting to release them in a better way for you guys.

  217. sachin gaikwad says:

    ek dam faaduuuu… song

  218. Thanks … link is working … Just fcking love this song so much !!

  219. Hammad Qadir says:

    You can love the song as much as you want but Its a copy. Search for Centerfold by the J. Geils Band and listen for yourself

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