The Story of Skip (Saqib Abdullah); The Sutta Guy

Saqib Abdullah (Skip) was born in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in 1984. He is the 3rd and youngest amongst his siblings. Skip attended a Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia. He gives credit to his older brothers, for helping him develop a great taste in music. Skip listens to Blues, Jazz, Country, R&B, Soul and Rock n Roll.

Skip moved to Pakistan in 1996 with his family, and worked on his studies. He lost two guitars previously, since his parents smashed them both. However, he did not lose hope and bought a third guitar. Hiding it wasn’t easy but he still managed to do it somehow. Skip devoted in life to music. As a result, he was bunking classes, which led him to trouble. He finally gave up studies and too music as a full time career.

Skip went through a lot after creating Zeest (as a band). A lot of musicians did not understand the core concept behind his music and me were just too busy with their personal lives, so he decided to change Zeest (the band) to Zeest, a socially oriented musical project. He owes his success to his brothers, friends and fellow musicians who supported and helped him whenever he needed them.

His motive is to be a social worker and to sing for the lives of average people living in Indo-Pak, especially the younger generation and highlighting their social problems through his musical abilities. His major breakthrough came in early April 2005, when he recorded live jam session of his song B.C. Sutta, his 4-5 year old composition, in a studio, in Karachi, and released it through the Internet for free mp3 downloading. At present, Skip is struggling hard for his album to be released in mainstream.

Usually Skip loves to listen all the classic acts from artists like BB King, Albert King, Freddie King, Skip James, Clapton, Hendrix, SRV, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Band, The Doors, The Zombies, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band. Van Morrison etc.


8 thoughts on “The Story of Skip (Saqib Abdullah); The Sutta Guy

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  1. dude nice love for music i see but if u wanna flow in the mainstream u need to create some censored songs so u can release it without any restrictions definitely ppl will love it,like the loved SUTTA,GOOD LUCK

  2. Awesome dude… simply awesome..
    A guy from KSA touching da heights makes me feel gr8 man… “XL ki kuriyaan” is also a fab song
    Keep up da good work… Ma3asalama

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